10 easy ways to teach your kids about money

We all know money is a taboo topic and something most of us cringe when the subject comes up. Despite this it doesn’t have to be awkward to teach our kids about money. Below are ten ideas about ways to encompass the subject without sitting them down and having ‘the talk’ 🙂

  1. Give them £1-£2 to spend to get used to a budget
  2. Get them to save towards a goal
  3. Take cash shopping and get them to help stick to your budget
  4. Give them a piggy bank to get used to money as a tangible object
  5. Give them a clear jar so they can see their savings grow
  6. Make sure they save some of their money instead of spending it all on sweets & toys
  7. Get them to think about 5 items that don’t cost anything
  8. Get them to learn the art of waiting for something good, and reward them a little more for succeeding
  9. Let them work out how much their birthday party costs to think about all related costs
  10. Get them to look at discounts/reduced items at the supermarket to start spotting deals

You don’t need to do all of these but even if you do a few of them you’ll start to see more awareness about money, its value and what exactly they’re spending their money on. Good luck!

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