Who are we?


Dog loving, sporty vegetarian born in Australia. Liz has BSc, is a Chartered Secretary and was an Investment Adviser at one of Australia’s largest banks before venturing across the globe on a two year visa in search of she knew not what. Well she found love, found Guernsey (a small island between England and France) and never left! She’s got over 25 year’s experience in the Finance industry and over 5 years teaching professional education qualifications.


Cow loving, patient Guernsey girl (you’ve heard of Guernsey cows, right?). Trained as a Chartered Accountant with over 15 year’s experience in Finance, including 3 teaching professional education qualifications. Abby is up for any adventure including cycling 7,000km (4,500 miles) across Europe on a mountain bike whilst camping and can’t wait to bring all her ideas to Talking Cents.


4 year old army obsessed and knight loving chatterbox.  Noah is quite happy to talk about anything, particularly money when it means he can save up for another tank or set of soldiers from the charity shop. Chose Louis’ name but now there’s another Prince Louis wants to change his brother’s name to Pineapple. 


Determined, vocal and smiley 1 year old. HATES sleeping because this means he’s missing out on something, even if it’s at 3am. This kid would rather eat money than save it 🙂

What do we want?

We see families struggle to discuss money more than discussing the ‘other’ taboo topic. We also see families whose kids ask A LOT of questions (we’re very familiar with this scenario!). We want to help all families discuss this vital topic in a fun and organic way, without having to force the issue. We are aiming to do this through games and activities, offering incentives to kids who complete tasks and can’t wait to get the word out there!